IDTR’s Vision, Mission & Values

IDTR’s vision is:
• To develop a commercial vehicle driver training institution of international repute
• To train multi-skilled, technically proficient, highly motivated, safety-conscious, future-ready drivers
• To enable them to cope with the pace of technological advancements, environmental vicissitudes & market changes in the Indian logistics industry

The mission of IDTR is to:
• Achieve highest quality & standards in professional driving practices through state-of-the-art training programs for drivers.
• Ensure dissemination of information, techniques and skills to help drivers become safe, confident, responsible and happy.
• Engage human resources, systems & technology to deliver professional driving solutions and thereby provide value to our customers & stakeholders.

• Establish and improve training processes that can produce highly reputed professional drivers for the commercial vehicle industry.
• Highest training standards to promote safe driving.
• Learner-friendly environment that meets the needs of each trainee's learning style
• Customer-centric and business-centric approach in training drivers.
• Provide quality training programs with commitment and integrity.
• Reward trainees for meritorious learning and performance.
• Ensure safe & healthy learning environment, equipment and infrastructure.