ELP’s Facilities

The institute library has a good collection of automobile and logistics management books apart from various journals, magazines and newspapers. Book bank facility is also available for the underprivileged students of the College.
Medical provide medical checkup for all students. Various health awareness programmes are regularly organized by the institute.
The institute has modern Automobile laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with latest high end truck engines, gear boxes, rear axles and other major assemblies of leading truck manufacturers like MAN, VOLVO, and TATA et c. The striped parts of major assemblies are also displayed separately. The lab also equipped with cut sections of engines, gear box and rear axles of MAN 280 HP vehicle. This facility helps to students to visualize all internal components, various systems of the heavy vehicles and its maintenance. Just like these facilities rare one for the students to see in other institutes. We also have advanced tools and equipments for the Europe based ODC vehicles such as MAN, VOLVO and etc., Students also have opportunity to learn practically the mechanism and maintenance of various types of trailer also. Such as extendable trailers, multi axle trailers and mechanical trailers.

Auto Lab

Our Lab developed in Large space area. Our Lab equipped with latest truck’s engine, Gear box and Rear axle in clued European based Trucks. These Students can get detailed knowledge on advanced mechanisms and maintenance of engines such as VOLVA, MAN, and LEYLAND. This infrastructure enables Automobile students to become experts in high end vehicle mechanism and maintenance.

Man Engine

This is a MAN ENGINE This engine shows cut section of its internal, external parts. The H.P of the engine is 280 and its Torque is 1100 N.M. Another feature of this engine is that it has Exhaust valve brake (EVB) system. This engine is BS-III type. It has a Oil sum of 26 liters oil capacity. The students can study engine construction and trouble shooting.

Volvo Engine

Unique facility is available in this lab to dismantle and assemble VOLVO engine, Gear box, and Rear axle. The engine Hp is 290 and its Torque is 1300 N.M. This type of engine is used in high end heavy vehicle operation. The students can study engine construction and trouble shooting.

Auto Parts

The lab has various individual components of Prime mover over Engine, Gear box, and Rear axle. Students can dismantle the components, and study its constructions and trouble shooting. The major components are Turbocharger, Oil cooler, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Liner and piston, valve assembly etc.